Domaine de la Tournelle - Jura

Domaine de la Tournelle fact sheet

Domaine de la Tournelle, created in 1991, with not even a full hectare of vines, was and continues to be the product of its proud founders Evelyne and Pascal Clairet, both consulting winemakers before Tournelle. Since the time of its creation, the domaine has grown to encompass 6.5 hectares, planted in the Jura's unique varietals and as new plantings have been necessary, exclusively by Massale Selection. Since 2010 the domaine has earned its certification in organic and biodynamic viticulture.

While no discussion of the wines from the Jura can go far without considering it's most unique and celebrated grape and wine, Savagnin and Vin Jaune, a slightly oxidized wine that ages for over 6 years before bottling, Pascal Clairet was an early voice in the promotion of ouillié or non-oxidative Savagnin and in the promotion of single varietal bottlings thus affirming his commitment to promote the wines of the region around its distinct varietals and unique terroirs.

Evelyne and Pascal Clairet

Other things not to be found at Tournelle are new oak barrels. Foudre de Chêne and older Burgundy barrels are the only aging vessels one will find upon a visit to their cellar. They bottle without the introduction of SO2 or when it is necessary, they employ miniscule amounts. The Clairet's remain steadfastly committed to raising grapes in harmony with the surrounding natural players in the vineyard and in producing and consuming naturally made wines which express the regions rich winemaking traditions and unique terroir.




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Terre de Gryphées, ChardonnayThis wine is issued from two patches of Chardonnay, planted on clay and grey marl with the historical record of marine shells to be found dotting the vineyard…

Les Corvées sous CuronA Chardonnay with a more linear and profound mineral expression than its Terre de Gryphées counterpart. A rival for the great Chardonnays of the Côte de Beaune.

Fleur de SavagninThis wine lies at one end of the spectrum marking the range of style that Savagnin, the region’s most celebrated white varietal, can produce.

Savagnin de VoileThe same process which produces the Vin Jaune is employed here to produce a sort of half way house to its more famous sibling.

Vin JauneAged for 6 years and 3 months in 5 year old Burgundy barrels which are purposefully not topped off as the wine slowly evaporates.

L’uva ArbosianaThe thin skinned Ploussard (Poulsard) grape makes a faintly colored red wine, more floral than fruity, with little or no tannin and although certainly red, inhabits the soul of a rosé wine.

Trousseau des CorvéesAnother of the Jura’s unique red varietals, the Trousseau grape makes a slightly darker and more structured wine than does Ploussard while still maintaining a bright personality…