Wines & Producers

What ties all the producers in the Joli Vin catalog together? Dedication to making wines that are the truest reflection of their place of origin.

The winemakers assembled in our catalog are fully committed to wines that are made in the vineyard rather than in the cellar. Outdoor wines they might be called. These vignerons, the French term for grape grower and wine maker, manage small, family-owned, human-sized domaines that are mostly under 10 hectares, or 20 acres, small enough to require they work their vineyards themselves. The land is where the story of each wine begins and having this personal connection is vital if one wants to follow the story of each wine back to its source.

Whether certified organic, biodynamic or merely practicing intelligent stewardship of their land without certification, all of these producers are committed to working without fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. We at Joli Vin, like our producers, believe that this is the most sensible and sustainable way to farm and pays the greatest respect to the land. Moreover, in pursuit of wines with true character and soul, we find that grapes farmed in this manner, where the vine is obligated to work, often lead to wines with the truest sense of place and identity, what we geeks in the wine world delight in calling terroir. These are the kinds of wines we most like to drink and find that their stories are consistently the most compelling.

When it comes to the cellar work, these producers are all exemplars of restraint and a light footprint in the cellar. They work hard throughout the year in the vineyard so as to adopt as non-interventionist an approach as possible once the fruit arrives at the cellar door. At Joli Vin are honored to represent these hard working vignerons. We import directly all of the wines we represent so as to maintain as close contact as possible with the producer and with their connection to the land. We strive to be transparent about their farming and winemaking practices and could not be more honored to work with such a committed group of farmers.



Montagne de Reims Emmanuel Brochet Côte des Bars Domaine Marie Courtin Valleé de la Marne Flavien Nowack
Côtes du Marmandais Élian Da Ros
Terrasses du Larzac Domaine du Pas de L’Escalette Saint Chinian Domaine Rimbert